Bend Event Sound has had the pleasure of being apart of hundreds of weddings over the last 15 years. Our goals remain simple.

Bend Oregon wedding dj

Wedding DJs

Bend Event Sound has helped make memories for hundreds of weddings during our 11 years in business. Our core beliefs are simple.

  • Organization is essential
    You’ve spent months organizing your special day. You deserve a DJ that prioritizes organization and professionalism. We’ve even created a comprehensive planning guide to help you envision the details of your whole wedding day from start to finish.
  • Music is the heartbeat of the wedding
    A movie wouldn’t be the same without a great soundtrack. The same goes for weddings. The right song at the right time can make a special moment a perfect one. Bend Event Sound believes that music is the heartbeat, or rhythm of the wedding. It gives you and your guests a clear indication of when one part of the wedding ends and another begins—processional, recessional, cake cutting, doast, dances, etc.)
  • We’re part of a team
    If you were building a house and the electrician didn’t communicate with the drywaller, you’d run into problems. As DJs, we’re part of a team of vendors that work together to ensure a smooth event. We’ll make sure photographers, caterers, and planners alike are in sync with what we’re doing so no one steps on each other’s toes.
  • We’re only happy if you’re happy
    We want the newlyweds to wake up the next morning and say, “That was a killer night last night.” We think good music can help make that happen. Of course, we’re only there for the celebration—what happens after that is out of our hands. 😉

We’re confident that we’re the right DJ for your upcoming ceremony and/or reception. Let us help provide the opening soundtrack for your new life together!