Music has always been a big part of our lives. Concerts, road trips and weddings! We love great artists from every genre. Connection with music is very important to us.

Our story:

Raised in Central Oregon we have been fortunate to create life long friendships and really get into some great activities. Our families live here which makes a great foundation for our kids. Our now two young boys keep us as busy as any parent will tell you. We love spending time with them. Family time in #1 in our home.

Our Simple Wedding Philosophy:

The big thing done, you are engaged! Congratulations!!! Now the time comes for planning the wedding. Setting in place all the right vendors can take a lot of time. In our experience over the last 11 years we found that hiring the right professionals can really help make or break a wedding day.

We have been married for 5 years and we know the time effort and cost that goes into planning a wedding day.

NOTE: 99.9% of the couples we work with, it is their first time getting married. The (at times) overwhelming planning can be very stressful.

To help with stress & organization we created a planning guide specifically for the couples that work with us. Our Bend Event Sound Wedding Planning Guide covers their whole day from start to finish. As DJs we are the ones helping facilitate the flow and tempo of the day. Bend Event Sound believes that organization & communication are the keys to creating the perfect day. Our execution, great attitudes and easy going personalities are some of the reasons we have done well in the past.

Our Values:

Be real, be kind set your bar extremely high, surround yourself with quality partners, outwork your competition and go move the world.

What sets us apart:

Our scope is to help out in any way we can. This is your wedding day. We are here for you.

We like to operate with the utmost professionalism while helping create a fun entertaining atmosphere, avoiding the cheesy DJ stereotypes at all costs.

Being apart of a wedding is a very special experience for everyone involved we feel gratitude to the couples who have trusted us to help create their perfect day.